Traveling to Puerto Rico.

Best time to travel to Puerto Rico

Every time we have the idea of ​​travelling, we ask the following question: What is the best time of the year to travel to the beaches of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a perfect tourist destination for all seasons of the year. A country of the tropical climate, with its fantastic beaches, its capital, its tasty gastronomy, its beautiful natural landscapes and of course its beautiful people, possessing a charisma typical of Central America. At this time of year you’ll want to be sure to join at least one of the adventure tours by Kayaking Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico can be visited throughout the year. Due to the increase in rainfall, the “rainy season” from April to November is not necessarily the best season to travel in the region. Temperatures can become unbearably high.

You will be much more satisfied with your trip in the driest months, even if the Caribbean is absolutely the peak season in the best travel season from December to April and many hotels are already booked months in advance. The months from May to August are particularly popular among surfers due to high waves. However, the months after the end of the hurricane season are more suitable for beach vacations or cruises.

The climate of Puerto Rico is ideal during the dry season: high temperatures, shortage of rainfall and absence of hurricanes. It meets all the requirements for a sunny holiday, whether active or relaxing.

What to take when traveling to Puerto Rico

Swimsuit, comfortable shoes and light clothes are essential to travel to Puerto Rico. However, you should always wear a light jacket because in restaurants the air conditioning is so strong that it is uncomfortable if one stays in a short sleeve.

It is also advisable to wear sunscreen, a hat and an umbrella for those unexpected showers.

Among the things with which we can return home is undoubtedly rum, a drink that can be purchased in supermarkets or speciality stores. There are countless brands and varieties, from the very soft to the aged. It all depends on the taste of the consumer. For Puerto Ricans, one of the best rums in their country is Don Q, from the Serralles distilleries.